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S 1   E N T E R P R I S E   P L A T F O R M
1995-2004 Chief Interface Architect. Core design for software used for the world's first internet bank, SFNB, and over 3500 other internet enabled banks. Seven product lines. Four complete technology re-writes. Many good people and interesting times.
Arrived at S1 at the beginning of the web boom to work on the worst of two worlds: HTML forms and Object Oriented code development cycles, each page constructed on the fly by complex financial software, a difficult design challenge. Worked to continuously refine the existing UI and to create new function modules like Brokerage, Loans, and Corporate accounts in an integrated financial suite. Developed several generations of sophisticated template page architectures, including code standards, behavior standards, syntax and image standards, and key implementation consulting.
All S1 products actually have multiple interfaces: the End-user screens for customers, the Customer Service Representative (CSR) screens for support and call-center activities, the Data Center back-end processing interfaces, Activity analysis and reporting, and System Configurations screens.
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