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Endo Laparoscopy Handpiece
L A P A R O S C O P Y   H A N D P I E C E
Development sketch and production unit for a disposable surgical instrument for minimally-invasive gall bladder (Endoscopic Laparoscopy) surgery. Handpiece controls suction (white button) and irrigation (blue button) with a cauterizing Bovi probe inserted through the stainless canula via a self-sealing valve at the back. Hoses exit through the back to reduce tangling.
Design goals were superior handling, easy control differentiation via color tactile cues and a reasonable production cost. After initial sketches wood handling models were used to evaluate handling with doctors and surgical technicians, more models were used to work through manufacturing issues and develop the final design. Steven Braun of SpectraLogic contributed the great majority of engineering and followup design work.
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