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Curriculum Vitae : Phillip Randolph Carter


2017 The air clears from the Genesys+ININ merger and the merged CMO prefers the messaging style I was producing, so I get to keep my job, yay! Modern mergers can be a bit brutal, the first six months you feel you can't say no to anything. New consolidated marketing organization has some challenges, our team spent the rest of the year finding and fixing issues, expanding contacts and context, producing mad amounts of content, travelling and learning. Patent application is accepted for a method of selecting reports data using correlation/covariance. Bike riding takes a hit from increased travel and a joint west-coast/east-coast meeting schedule.
2016 Interactive Intelligence pivots the company to focus on PureCloud, the product that I've been working on since 2012. I am recruited to the product marketing team as content architect to develop core messaging for advertising, web, and sales. This turns out to be challenging and oddly satisfying; after years of listening to customers I get to write about their needs and how we can make their lives better. Blithe gives me a weekend of performance driving sessions at VIR, where we drive our cars flat-out and it turns out I have some skills! Much bike riding culminates in third MS 150 in September. At the end of 2016 ININ is bought by a private equity competitor, Genesys, headquartered in Daly City, California.
2015 Dad dies from brain cancer in January, a tough loss. More recumbent bike riding and commuting. Inevitable changes at Interactive Intelligence with re-orgs and people coming and going, but things settle down and we're cranking out new features. Second MS 150 in September - a double century ride with a new personal record (21.58 average MPH on Sunday). Audio projects include three pairs of desktop speakers, adding multiple acoustic-suspension subwoofers to the music room, and starting a new phono stage project. In November an NCSU freshman bangs into my fourteen-year old CRV and the insurance company totals it, heh, 'forcing' me to buy a new VW Golf.
2014 Banging away at Orgspan, two years in February! Recovering from shoulder reconstruction takes a frustratingly long time, still not 100%. More recumbent biking whenever the weather is above 30 degrees... Second 'Blood, Sweat, and Gears' ride in Boone NC. OrgSpan is acquired by Interactive Intelligence in May 2014. In September we ride the MS150 in New Bern, NC the first time - 100 miles on Saturday, and a faster 50 miles on Sunday. Whee!
2013 One year anniversary at OrgSpan.com (formerly OrgBook), we have a large beta customer and App release candidates for Web, iOS, Android, and even Windows8 phones. A year after the bike accident and shoulder surgery, still at work on recovering strength and motion. Firmly in the nerdly recumbent bicyclist camp now, I log over 2000 miles between commuting, weekends, and organized rides like the 'Blood, Sweat, and Gears' ride in Boone NC. That's a lot of climbing! Trade-in the first recumbent on a faster, lighter RANS 'Rifle' stick recumbent high-racer in November.
2012 Leave WebAssign in February to join tiny startup OrgBook as UX/UI Architect. In a mid-March bike accident I was struck by a U-turning off-duty law enforcement fellow resulting in a Grade 5 shoulder separation. Reconstructive surgery at the beginning of May will require a 12 month recovery!. But I'm now part-Zombie since the surgeon uses a cadaver tendon to lash my collarbone back to my shoulder blade. So I've got that going for me. In June I finally lose my mind and buy a Recumbent bicycle to ride clamped into a trainer while I recover strength in my shoulder. In July we take a trip to France for Flo and Bruno's wedding. After a long layoff in October I start to work on some projects with help from Blithe and other friends -- Finish Mario's 'tiki hut' dog porch for the side yard, and build an island for the kitchen to replace the recycled cabinet with my Great-grandmother's work table on top. Orgbook becomes Orgspan after some legal threats by Facebook.
2011 WebAssign continues to grow as the stack of needs grows even faster. Audio projects include new furniture for the music room, switching the Fostex drivers for prototype Lowther field-coils in the Azurahorns, and upgrading the main bearing in the Lenco turntable.
2010 Finally build new bass panels to support Azurahorns in music room. In April I'm approached by a 120-person education startup, WebAssign, and offered position as Director of UX. The vault back into management is tempered by a senior executive team with selective understanding of software and UX best practices -- a challenge I accept. Build a simple SRPP 6L6 amplifier as a cooler-running 'summer amp' for the music room and draw up plans for the paneling and acoustic treatments. In November WebAssign moves into new offices, 32,000 square feet with room to grow...
2009 Landed position at BlueStripe as sole UX designer/tester/strategist, happily bike commuting 14 miles to Morrisville several days a week. Exciting to be back in a small company with very smart teams, but tough to keep starting over at minimum vacation! Attended VSAC 2009 in Vancouver, WA and saw most of my DIY acquaintances, brainstormed new 46-based preamp with remote-control autoformer outputs for volume controls... Wind up most of the kitchen construction in time for Thanksgiving. Christmas tour of the Southeast to visit family in Atlanta and Birmingham, a nd return trip through Asheville, NC to visit Biltmore with impressive Christmas decor.
2008 Settling into another project house in Raleigh, re-wired the basement and built out woodshop space over the cold months. Started commuting to Lulu by bicycle using the excellent greenway system here in the Triangle - 11 miles each way, 8 miles on dedicated greenway through Umstead state park! Attended VSAC 2008 in May. Planning a big vacation in late summer for Blithe's birthday (shhh, don't tell her, it's a surprise). We start working with an architect on updates for the house, but in October Bob Young pulls the plug on a chunk of Lulu and lays off 28/120 employees - including the COO, the CFO, a herd of SVPs and, gulp, me. Christmas vacation we tear down the wall between the kitchen and dining room to expand the tiny 1950s design.
2007 We return from Costa Rica with 3GB of pictures and many incredible green memories. In February an interesting company in Raleigh tracks me down and persistently requests that I come over to speak with them; they are hiring a new head of UX and have a dynamic agile development environment and unlimited potential. After the initial interview things go quiet while they pursue other leads, but in April they return and make a terrific offer, including relocation. After agonizing for a while, and Wachovia's attempts to woo me back fizzling, I accepted the new job and joined lulu.com in mid-April. And the housing market grinds to a halt - we sold the Charlotte house in the Fall and bought another fixer-upper in Raleigh just north of NCSU.
2006 Finance contract project with Wachovia ends in January, so I move to a new contract with the Wachovia eCommerce Interactive Design Group (IDG). Blithe is travelling non-stop for EDS... Late Spring road trip to Oswalds Mill for another weekend of fevered tube amp and horn speaker madness - I brought along the preamp breadboard configured for globe 227 (will also work with 112a, and various octal tubes). In December I accept an offer from Wachovia and go full-time with the eCommerce group. For Christmas, Blithe plans a ten day trip to Costa Rica.
2005 Continued consulting project with Wachovia. Located and fixed a hidden short in the filaments of il Monstro brought on by thousands of miles of travel. Built a pair of back-loaded horns for the special edition Fostex FE166es-r drivers from the Nagaoka 'factory' design. In late Spring we end up with two more kittens after one of our cats, Rascal, loses a race with a car. We'll miss him. Tragic reef tank failure in early Summer from a split seam results in 80% loss of corals and fish, Blithe spends the rest of the year planning and nurturing a new tank. Started riding the bus to work after Katrina hit NOLA, realized it was much easlier and less expensive than driving to Uptown Charlotte every day! Attended RMAF in September, then visited Terry and Leslie Cain in Walla Walla, WA in October.
2004 House renovations and move-in in the winter (two whole blocks from the rental house to the purchased house), finally host a dixie bottlehead meeting at our house in April. I built a pair of efficient speakers, and il Monstro 845:845 amplifier is fully debugged and running! Three days after a major software release S1 cuts me loose at the end of August; nearly 9 years of service is no reason for loyalty in our new economy. Job hunting in a Bush recession is not much fun, so I take a solo road trip to Memphis in September to visit Jeffrey Jackson. We adopt a mixed-breed puppy, Mario, from a shelter in South Carolina. Second trip to Oswalds Mill in Pennsylvania, this time with all 282 pounds of il Monstro. In November, after various local interviews I take on a twelve month contractor position with Wachovia working on internal reporting and a J2EE account reconcilement system.
2003 Charlotte gets almost 12 inches of snow our first winter, a new record. We get settled into the rental house house, including a new 280 gallon (eight feet long!) reef tank for Blithe. Another cat, 'Miss Thing', joins the household, a refugee from Blithe's mother. I start riding my bicycle to work two or three days each week before I have an accident and end up under a school bus with a six week recovery. Finally get started on converting the mono breadboard of the 845:845 amp into a stereo 'cat-safe' version. Blithe leaves Equant in a strange modern corporate severance without compensation and is snapped up by EDS immediately. We sell the house in Morningside in the fall and buy another 1938 bungalow in the Myers Park neighborhood.
2002 Started work on the 845:845 power amps, after Sakuma. Still working on the back patio expansion, but it's looking pretty good. Bonky the cat dies of congestive heart failure at the age of 14 and we bury him beside Pinhead. We adopt two new cats from the DeKalb shelter, Rascal and Duffy, who terrorize the dog. We finish the back patio and start replanting the front yard. Vacation trips in the spring to the Bahamas and L.A. At home we watch the markets continue to tumble in the growing economic turmoil of the new Bush administration, but each of use survives several RIFs. In the fall I am transferred by S1 to the Charlotte, NC office and we move everything we own and try renting our house in Morningside. S1 Enterprise Platform 1 - 1.2 ships.
2001 Visit to Brussels and Cheltenham, UK S1 offices in March. The City of Atlanta sells a previous owner's tax bill to a nefarious collection agency that proceeds to try and take our house - yoiks. Spent five summer weeks in Austin, Texas working on startup of a new software project for S1, and was able to finally pay Joel Artzt back for '96 Olympic biking tickets. Retired the 1982 Volvo wagon and bought a Honda CRV to extend my pattern of odd car choices. Got overly ambitious and dug up the backyard to install a stone wall and expand the rear patios to almost 800 square feet. Pinhead the cat dies of kidney complications and we bury her carefully in the backyard. Started driving to Knoxville bi-monthly for Dixie Bottlehead meetings. Did a serious upgrade on our shop-in-a-one-car-garage. Flew to Seattle for the 2001 VSAC (Vacuum State of the Art Conference) and had an incredibly good time drinking beer and swapping stories with 400 other DIY tube audio junkies.
2000 Survived Y2K, barely. Found a good contractor to finish the things the first [lame] contractor left undone. Attended SIGCHI conference in The Hague, my first visit to the Netherlands. Instead of going home I flew 13 hours due south from Schipol to meet Blithe in Capetown, South Africa for her reward from Equant for outstanding (and relentless) efforts. Also stayed in a gamecamp in Kreuger National Park for several days. While on vacation S1 stock falls from $142 to $70, of course, this was only the beginning... of the crash. Spent the summer working on the house and rebuilding my tube preamp. In the fall, Blithe pays for a trip to Paris and Provence for my 40th B'day! Started work on a J2EE version of the S1 products using JSP and tag library technologies.
1999 Developed Object-Oriented template methodology for S1 Consumer Suite release 5, and spent the rest of the year implementing it. Bought a house with Blithe in the intown Atlanta neighborhood of Morningside. Spent the summer and fall doing renovations. Learned that some contractors really are liars and thieves. Also learned that other contractors can do a really good job. Moved from Roswell, GA back to intown. Built a tube preamp for my living room stereo. Realized that no vacations and all work makes me boring and irritable.
1998 Busier than hell. Ski trip to Jackson Hole. Bought a new computer. Revised home pages. Moved into Blithe's condominium and acquired a true commute. Discovered that a reef tank is a money pit. Promoted to Chief Interface Architect at S1. Began to learn scuba diving. Rediscovered Paintball. Revised home pages again.
1997 Spoke at 3rd Generation Web Sites Conference in San Francisco. Designed Symbic site. Ski trip to Telluride. Got sucked down the slippery slope of home theater systems, eventually losing normal living room arrangements to speaker needs. Designed Alpha-Core Site and bartered for audio cabling. After presenting a paper on effective use of UI at S1 was promoted and hired three more UI designers for S1 to begin advanced research.
1996 First trip to Japan. Survived Five Paces' parent company, SFNB's IPO. 5P changes name to Security First Technologies (aka S1). Olympics come to Atlanta; I'm blocked into my apartment for 6 events but had a great view. Bought first motorcycle, a Suzuki dual-sport. Learn to love riding. Met Blithe Hoffman through match.com in the Fall and began dating.
1995 Elected Vice Chair of Atlanta chapter of IDSA, also Founding Board member Allied Design Council. Broke up with Stacey and moved to Buckhead. My Mom died from cancer after several years of remission. Fighting to the end, she pulled out of a serious infection so that she could come back to Atlanta instead of going out in California. Left Peachtree Software to join Five Paces Software as Interface Architect for development of internet banking interfaces. Learned HTML.
1994 Performed name searches and corporate identity work to change name of SpectraLogic to Ratio DesignLab. Left Ratio to join Peachtree Software as Interface Architect. Hyper-extended my right thumb mountain biking. First met Alan Cooper at a seminar in San Jose, California.
1993 Did much more interface design work as a result of the IDEA award. Started consulting with Peachtree Software with large impact on the Peachtree Accounting for Windows 2.0 release. Became a landlord by renting out house in Decatur, moved in with Stacey Kalberman in Morningside and renovated another kitchen.
1992 Won IDSA/BusinessWeek Gold IDEA (Industrial Design Excellence Award) for interface design of Medtronic Fit Software along with David Amis - lead programmer, and John Oberschelp - harassed programmer and comic relief. Fit is a custom database with a mac-based interface that helps technical response personnel recommend combinations of pacemakers and leads. Adopted two cats from Humane Society, Bonky and Pinhead.
1991 Aside from a lot of design work and changing girlfriends a couple of times, not much happened. Cassie the cat dies from liver failure.
1990 Bought first house in Decatur, GA. Lived through 9 months of renovations (kitchen, bathroom, garage apartment) without killing my brother Clay, or his girlfriend Kathy.
1989 Bought first mountain bike. First major concurrent engineering contract at SpectraLogic (Citibank SSST project). Dropped out of Business School (too little time!).
1988 Scored in 89th percentile on GMAT, began Graduate School at GSU, working towards a Marketing MBA. Bought a Mac SE. Left LPA and joined SpectraLogic, a hardware and software engineering firm, as sole designer.
1987 Worked with Center for Puppetry Arts on 'Cirque Pataphisique', a nationally recognized piece of performance art presented by XPT (Xperimental Puppetry Theater). Moved to Buckhead. Taught class on automobile design at High Museum of Art. Adopted a grey tabby named Cassie.
1986 Continued freelancing DBA Pyramid Design, then joined Lee Payne Associates (LPA) as Senior Designer. Taught class on Industrial Design at High Museum of Art.
1985 First trip to Europe, visited Geneva, Zermatt, London. Moved to an apartment in Virginia-Highlands. JSDG bought/sold/given to McCalla-Lackey (still not sure what happened). Fired from McCalla-Lackey for insubordination (AKA, freelancing at home) -- learned that there's no good reason to stay at a job that is making you crazy.
1984 Broken nose and 11 stitches from hit-and-run road biking accident. Promoted to Senior Designer at JSDG. Moved out of fleabag apartment and into Norcross condo with Dave Sowinski and Hollis Dayton, then to apartment in Roswell (suburbs North of Atlanta) with Rebekah Lynch. Parents transferred from Denver to Belmont, CA (San Francisco Bay area).
1983 Received IDSA Merit Award. Graduated with B.IND from Auburn University. Joined Jack Seay Design Group (JSDG) as Industrial Designer. Moved to Atlanta and into fleabag apartment in Doraville.
1982 Co-op position with Intergraph in Huntsville, AL; designed multi-button mice and workstation concepts. Began Senior design studio series. Two more quarters on Dean's List. Selected for Tau Sigma Delta Architecture/Design honorary.
1981 Another trip to Dean's List. Finished Sophomore design studios; won 'Best Design' award in annual IND cardboard boat competition. Worked through Summer quarter at Lockwood-Greene. Began Junior design studio series. Threaten to transfer to another IND program.
1980 Winter Quarter, made Dean's List for first time. Took off 2 quarters to get into design studio sequence. Start Co-op position as Electrical Draftsman with Lockwood-Greene (humongous architectural engineering firm in Atlanta). Began Sophomore design studio series. Second Dean's list appointment.
1979 Transfered from Auburn Materials Engineering to Industrial Design program. Parents move from Atlanta to Denver, CO. Began classes to make up for missing design prerequisites after MTL curriculum Freshman year. Elected VP, pledge education in fraternity.
1978 Graduated Chamblee High School. Selected for Marching Band and Honors English Program at Auburn. Began studying Materials Engineering. Joined Delta Tau Delta fraternity, moved into house.
1977 First Job: Tin-type photographer at Six Flags over Georgia. Began HS Senior Year. Bought a questionable 1962 Corvair coupe and spent the rest of the year attempting to restore it and cleaning grease out from under my fingernails. Quit attending church.
1976 High School Junior. Took PSAT, SAT. Joined Literature Club and discovered Richard Brautigan. Selected for 'Impact', a self-directed study program for gifted students. Shakespeare course; read ten plays in twelve weeks.
1975 High School Sophomore. Earned Life level in Scouts, collected merit badges and other stuff for Eagle, but never completed service project. Learned to drive; Great-Grandmother Cox died in Gadsden, Alabama. Began taking Spanish.
1974 Learned to snow ski on a trip to Steamboat. High School Freshman. Grandfather 'Pop' Sturkie dies in Gadsden, Alabama. First pair of Levi's jeans. Marching band trip to Virginia Beach Music Festival.
1973 Began attending Chamblee High School in eighth grade. Discovered girls and fear of rejection. Began to play the Euphonium (an upright tenor tuba) in band. Watergate. Should we trust authority?
1972 Wieuca Road Baptist Church, named Summer camp Honor Camper. Began to paint in oils. Earned first merit badge at Bert-Adams Scout camp. Graduated from Sexton Woods elementary school.
1971 Began sixth grade. Joined Boy Scouts. Grandfather Edwin 'Pop' Sturkie taught me how to shoot my first BB gun.
1970 Began fifth grade. Aborted attempt to learn to play the trombone. Joined Webelos (cub scouts). Began private art classes under Joanna Rabb. Learned charcoal and watercolor techniques, would continue with these classes until 1976.
1969 Began fourth grade. Remember Mrs. Irwin throwing an eraser at a sleeping Wyatt S. to wake him in class. Learned to drop-kick unreliably. Joined 'Indian Guides' with my brother and Dad, went camping for the first time. Discovered fireworks and singed off my eyebrows.
1968 Began third grade. Broke my left radius (a forearm bone) jumping out of a treehouse. Richard Nixon elected President.
1967 Moved to Chamblee, Georgia, a close-in suburb (inside the perimeter beltway) of Atlanta. Began second grade at Sexton Woods elementary. Forced to 'un-learn' cursive to fit into public school handwriting programs.
1966 Moved to Palo Alto, California when Dad left NASA contractor to join Hewlett-Packard. After six months in the Bay Area and beginning first grade, we moved back to Huntsville and I re-entered Evangel School.
1965 Began Kindergarten at Evangel School in Huntsville. Memories of earthquake-like vibrations during testing of Saturn rocket engines.
1964 Fitted for corrective shoes. Played doctor. Trip to Panama City Beach (and mostly not being able to see because the sun was so bright on the sand).
1963 Remember Mercury launches on TV. My sister Anita Frances Carter is Born 15jul, in Huntsville. Learned to fight with my brother. Favorite movie of all time, Dr. Strangelove (or how I learned to stop worrying and love the bomb) released.
1962 Moved to Huntsville, Alabama after my Father left the Navy and went to work for a NASA contractor.
1961 My brother John Clayton Carter is Born 12nov, also at Bethesda Naval Hospital, Bethesda, MD. Learned to walk and speak simple sentences. Earliest memory: Dad watching football while Clay and I sat in small red plastic chairs in the Bethesda apartment.
1960 Born 28sep 12:38am, Bethesda Naval Hospital, firstborn child to Lenora and Phillip Carter, Sr. Learned to breathe, cry, eat, burp, drool, and try to look cute.