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If you're an HTML/web designer working on big websites or cloud apps, modern CSS, Javascript, and Javascript libraries make projects much simpler now than they were in the 1990s - usability standards are now defaults and you can focus on building and testing the things that differentiate and inform. But maybe these checklists will inspire some new ideas, or at least entertain.
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Interface Checklists

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Scrolling Standards top

Dialog-Box Standards top

Modal dialog boxes (a popup dialog the user must explicitly dismiss before doing anything outside it) create friction and should be used sparingly. Modeless dialog boxes let the user perform other operations without dismissing the box first.

Alert Standards top

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Mouse Standards top

Keyboard Commands top

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Programming Strategies top

Critical Features of Great Media top

Keep in mind that you probably have no control over the systems used to present your work - Bad or small monitors, glare from open window coverings, ambient noise, remote presentations via Zoom. But you can accomodate bad conditions with bigger fonts, more contrast, and keeping big ideas in the middle of the frame.