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Slippery Slopes: Obsessions and Hobbies
Well, it's true.
I love the flow of learning about, and participating in, complicated and usually expensive hobbies. As time allows, I'll add pages on the strangeness to this area. -----------------------
AudioVideoPhilia ate my living room
Then I started building a kit Foreplay Tube Preamp...
Too much not being enough I then built a 2-chassis 'Mambo' preamp
Falling under the influence of the Dixie Bottleheads
I then built the 'il Monstro' 845:845 amplifier
I also have a page here on Project 6.1 Turntable tweaks
This turntable was replaced by Restored 1962 Empire TT
And I built a pair of Adire HE12.1 high-efficiency speakers
Finally, Here's a Page on Killing Hum.
And the Obligatory Audio/DIY Link Page
Oh yeah, this is also where the Audio Isolation System fits into the site.
The Reef Tank consumed what was left
Started May of '98, this is just now getting waaaaay past the fear stage. This is really Blithe's hobby, I'm just the plumber and electrician for this project now... It's a Berlin style mini reef tank with a 165 gallon main tank and 30 gallon sump in the basement.
(Whoops, now it's a 280 gallon tank with a 100 gallon sump in the basement)
I also have a Motorcycle
It's great. It's a Suzuki 650 Single. I have an Obsessive Motorcycle Page on the Thumper site, which sortof makes me an internet expert on my bike. Weird. It's mirrored (and maybe updated) Here, and here is the 2nd page
Paintball has been an on-going passion
I started playing in 1983. With oil-based paint that was permanent. Three paintball guns later, well, it's not pretty.
Diving looks like the Next Big Thing
First came the reef tank; now I want to see real reefs. And, maybe put some of this marine biology to work I'm carrying around in my head now.
Blithe wants a Link here
She's been on a pair of really interesting 5+ day horseback rides out West with Renegade Rides in Ten Sleep, Wyoming - Hey Belinda!
And the Old Favorites
Snow Skiing, Target shooting, Backpacking, Mountain Biking, Painting, etc.
Just for Fun
Here's my Gift List, just in case...