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Audiophile and DIY Links

With Google you just about can't go wrong looking for audio sites, but here are a few places I find useful. (updated June 2022)

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Start Here

Bottlehead Kits↗ Fantastic instructions, musical and designs, expand your world!
(Many great people on their forums to help, too)
Audio Asylum FAQ list↗
the Vinyl Asylum↗ Great discussion area - use search!
Duncan Amps↗ Tube Specs Database and Cool Technical Assistance↗ Pete Millet's gargantuan effort to scan and free old tube lore

Selected Great Blogs, or Whatever You Call this OCD Wonderfulness

Sound Practices Magazine↗ Somewhat online, big fun!
(send some love to Joe Roberts for the full CD!)
JE Labs↗ Joseph Esmilla has written much, we're following in his footsteps
Lilienthal Engineering↗ 100 Tube amp milestones, great story
Vintage Retro HiFi↗ Relentlessly curious and always worth a look, years of posts here!
HiFi Heroin↗ Jeffrey Jackson and Dave Slagle are holed up in Catskill NY making weird and wonderful systems
Vinyl Savor↗ Thomas Mayer makes fiendishly clever audio projects
(and has a great 'tube of the month' series)
DIY Audio↗ Shows you how it's done... lots of breadboards and amplifier projects
ElectraVolt↗ Horns, open baffles, Western Electric meanderings, Triode Festivals...
Sophie Brown's page on turntables in CARS↗ In the 1950s, anything was possible!

Where to Buy Tubes

Antique Electronic Supply↗
Tube Depot↗
The Tube Store↗
SND Tube Sales↗↗
Arizona Tube Audio↗
Or, check eBay.
You can also find piles of tubes, both old and NOS (New Old Stock) at swap meets for short-wave radio fans (AKA, Hamfests) - they are more common than you think...
Find a nearby Hamfest↗

Esoteric Tube Amp Parts Vendors

Antique Electronic Supply↗ Parts and Tubes
Angela Instruments↗ Parts, Tubes, used to sell Audio Note kits
V-Caps↗ Teflon Capacitors, specialty wire, from Chris Ven Haus
Triode Electronics↗ Parts and Tubes
Parts Connexion↗ Canadian speciality Parts and Tubes

Big Deal Parts Suppliers (giant online stores specializing in 'normal' parts)

Mouser Electronics↗ Lotsa Parts
Digi-Key Electronics↗ More Parts
Newark Electronics↗ More Parts
Parts Express↗ Electronics, digital amps, speakers, drivers, parts, a few tubes

Chassis and Metal Sites

Online Metals↗ Source for small orders, precut, great service!
IAG Audio↗ Beautiful enclosures, Shallco switches and transformer attenuators
McMaster-Carr↗ Sorbothane, oddball hardware, huge catalog

Speaker Drivers and Crossovers

Madisound↗ Fostex, Audax, SB, Silver FLute - pretty much everything
Lowther↗ Full-range speakers with high-efficiency
Jammin' Jersey↗ When you get the jones for some alnico drivers, this Pro-Audio site is fair and usually has a great stock of vintage horns, drivers, and woofers
Parts Express↗ Electronics, parts, speaker kits and drivers
True Audio↗ Speaker Design Software
Speaker References
Primer on Lowther Loudpeakers↗ by Bert Doppenberg, on the Stereophile site
Inlow Sound↗ Paper horns and lots of interesting basshorn ideas

Because I love these guys

Experience Music↗ Jeffrey Jackson in NY - Dang good Tube Amps, astonishing horn setups

Links to Turntable Stufftop arrow

Brit Audio↗ Great deals on Rega tonarms and other British imports
Sumiko↗ Owns Sonus Faber and other brands - turntables and cartridges
the Elusive Disc↗ Vinyl + cartridges, some turntables too
Music Direct↗ Online retailer, Vinyl and gear
Elex Atelier↗ The only good Empire replacement belts found so far...

Headphones and Headphone Ampstop arrow↗ Another Discussion site on Headphones↗ Another good Discussion site
Headroom Corporation↗