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Moto-Resto DR650 - Farkle Remorse?

I bought this Suzuki DR650s new in 1996 when I was living in Atlanta and rode it regularly until 2009... Late in 2019 I started a resurrection/restoration project on it...

Did I buy some items that, in hindsight, I regret?

Well yes, you betcha, but we all suck at predicting the future. And I may still use some of those things. But that's such a tiny weight against the balance of what ProCycle provided, from the impressive collection of information to custom parts with testing and support.

So ProCycle, with your yellow website and odd wishlist user-interface, I just want to declare [agape] love for you.

Awesome organization of so many options and pricing all in one place... All-seeing support on DRRiders... videos and downloadable docs...

Excellent order tracking... great packing and swift delivery... you are a joy to do business with - don't ever change!

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Thank you ProCycle

Dang you ProCycle

The proof,


ProCycle orders:

...December 2019: Brake kit (F+R EBC SS lines + pads) | Motion Pro mini bleeder tool | OEM rear brake pedal | Mikuni BST40 carburetor rebuild kit | LED fixed rate turn signal flasher | NSU safety wire kit | Countershaft seal retainer | Total tune-up kit (oil filters x10 + drain washers x10 + o-rings x10 + filter magnet + air filter + breather filter + magnetic drain plug + CR10E spark plugs + valve adjustment feeler gauges) | Exhaust header and mid-pipe gaskets | Swing arm pivot caps | Secondary air breather filter | Fuel filters | replacement fuel lines | ProCycle lowered foot pegs | Rear shock bumper | Fuel stabilizer | Clutch thrust washers/bushing | EBC clutch tool | Replacement starter + warp9 bearing cap | OEM lever set (Suzuki clutch + front brake levers, black) | Ricor rear shock, wait, oops, Ricor rear shock not available, substitute Cogent Mojave rear shock | Dri-slide cable lubricant | 520 drivetrain kit (15T drive sprocket + 42T rear sprocket + 520 x 110 link O-ring chain with master link + Cush hub polyurethane bushings) | Warp9 chain lower guide |

...January 2020: Warp9 Oil temp block + TrailTech sender | Speedo eliminator | O-rings for brake pistons (2xF + 1R) | Stainless case protection 2pcs | B&B Sprocket cover | Cam bore plug (rubber) | NGK spark plug caps | 520 EK chain spare master link |

....February 2020: Billet choke cable carb connector | 41T-520 rear sprocket | Brake adjuster bracket | Front brake caliper rebuild kit | Accessory panel connector | Panel connector waterproof cover |

...March 2020: Rear brake caliper rebuild kit | Cush hub bearing kit | Billet oil filler cap |

...April 2020: TM40 carburetor kit | Dunlop DP clutch kit | Clutch cable | MotionPro chain alignment tool | Mikuni pocket tuner | Rear brake pins | T-Rex engine guards | Warp9 320mm brake disk and caliper bracket | Gasket set, complete | Spare exhaust gasket (motor to headpipe) | Cruise assist Crampbuster | Steering head bearing kit | Waterproof grease | Inner tube 19-inch | Rim strip set 19 + 17 inch | Spring hook tool |

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As I said, we all suck at predicting the future.

Warp9 Oil temp block + TrailTech sender All the LED signals I bought to evaluate Mikuni rebuild for OEM carb when I would later decide to install a TM40 Silicone tubing for air cleaner Pile of left-over body parts from Suzuki