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Moto-Resto DR650 - Checklist of Mods

I bought this Suzuki DR650s new in 1996 when I was living in Atlanta and rode it regularly until 2009... Late in 2019 I started a resurrection/restoration project on it - here's a checklist of the work.

Motorcycles can travel at high speeds, mechanical issues can cause accidents, riders don't have much protection. Be careful! Follow all the suggestions of folks who are wiser than me and don't even think about working on your moto if you don't know what you are attempting. Be responsible and don't sue me, OK?

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Useful tip: With all that crappy ethanol-blended gasoline out there you'll end up rebuilding your carburetor when the bike sits for more than a month. Once you decide on the best jetting for your use, order 6-10 of the small jets - much faster to replace them than to clean them when you just want to go for a ride.







Frame, Tank, Seat, etc.

Travel Gear

Things still on my mind:

Had a gasoline spill on the matte enamel I used on the fuel tank and it ate up the finish badly... used some acetone (and gloves) with rags to strip off that clear coat and ordered some catalyzed urethane clear for a repaint - it just arrived

Seat alignment with tank still doesn't look quite right... thinking of raising the back of the tank at least 1cm and adjusting the seat to meet it. Could even go higher, will cut to wood spacers I can bolt in and try some different versions. I can flat-foot at a stop with the current setup, so I have inseam room. If I do move the seat up, then I'll probably make new side plates that come up higher and cover the old top rails from the frame.

The amber headlight uses a BA20D bulb, but I tried an old H4 bulb and it looks like that will fit - may be a more even pattern with another LED bulb type?

This thing is pretty loud with the Supertrapp IDS2 muffler... may try a DB killer if I can find a way to insert it at the inlet

Front fender is very short... could machine a bracket to move it down and attach it to the fork brace?

Longer term... I almost pulled the trigger on a rewire with the motogadget controller. Expensive, but elegant.